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No. 88, Fenyang Road, Fenhu Road, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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Learn About Goode 

2010 Year

Develop SHV transformer Bushing, Wind mill blade casting resins and coper coil taping systems with
partners R&D Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong UN., Hexion, Dekumed, Ridgeway

Restructure the Company to stock enterprise by introducing strategic partners and internal employee stock Incentive

2011 Year

2012 Year

Company move to current location, apply for public listing at Tianjin Stock Market, and start up production of insulation structural parts

Company set up July to develop Epoxy resins for Dry Transformers at Fenhu Innovation Park

2008 Year

Set up R&D and Testing Center to develop VPI insulation systems for HV generators jointly with VonRoll as partner for Chinese Market

2009 Year

2013 Year

Launched mass production of epoxy resin casting and VPI insulation bushing

2015 Year

11 th of December approved to New OTC Stock No.834711

2016 Year

2017 Year

Implementing the Second Round of Equity Incentive

2018 Year

Acquired Luhe Mica Plant from VonRoll

2021 Year

Grow three major product lines to a scale of the IPO standards

Developing EV solutions for battery thermal management with VonRoll, high thermal conductive motor casting with Hexion