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No. 88, Fenyang Road, Fenhu Road, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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Contribute to the power industry to bring about a bright future
Goode EIS is a business entity that is driven by constant innovation and keeps supplying various insulated and modern composite materials. We aim at creating value for users in such realms as power generation equipment, power transmission and distribution, rail transit, and new energy.

Supported by leading technologies, we commit to the development of high-performance products with stable quality and constant innovation, and to the development, test, production and sale of electrical insulation systems and modified epoxy resin systems. Besides, we offer total solutions on project consultation, material and equipment selection, product test and after-sale service.

>>RD Engineer
Gender:Male or female               Education: Undergraduate student and above                 Age:25-35 years old
Job Requirements:

1.Major in polymer, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry or analytical chemistry

2.Candidates from relevant majors of Wuhan University of Technology, Harbin University of Science and Technology, and East China University of Science and Technology are preferred

3.Sound English proficiency

4.Passionate, energetic and enterprising at work


Competency Requirements:

1、English: Proficient in English listening, speaking and writing

>>Sales Representative
Gender:Male or female                Education:Junior college student and above                    Age:25-35years old

Job Requirements:

1.Candidates majoring in marketing or polymer material are preferred

2.Candidates familiar with the water-soluble coating market are preferred+

3.Responsible, passionate and enterprising at work

4.Skillful in communication and pressure-handling, and good at solving problems  

5.Have a driving license and accept long-term business trips  

6.Versed in Microsoft Office


Competency Requirements:

1Possess the experience as a sale person for more than 3 years

2、English: proficient in English listening, speaking and writing