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Power generation equipment manufacturing ushered in new opportunities in the market

Power generation equipment manufacturing ushered in new opportunities in the market

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  This article comes from "HC360"
  In recent years, China's power generation equipment manufacturing industry will focus on optimizing the structure and starting to develop toward large-capacity and high-parameter units. At the same time, with the advancement and development of generator manufacturing technology, the further development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy, the demand for generator products in large capacity, high efficiency, low consumption, safety and environmental protection, sustainable development will be increasingly improved. .
  The industry believes that at present, the power station owners in China have turned the power station construction to international bidding. Under the new situation, the competition in the future market will gradually be upgraded to standard competition, making the adoption of international standards the most basic conditions for possessing the market.
  It is time to develop
  According to the statistics of China Electricity Council, by the end of 2006, China's power generation installed capacity reached 622 million kilowatts, an increase of 20.3%. Among them, hydropower reached 128.75 million kilowatts, accounting for 20.67% of the total capacity, an increase of 9.5%; thermal power reached 484.05 million kilowatts, accounting for 77.82% of the total capacity, an increase of 23.7%.
  Some experts believe that in the future, China's power industry's industrial policy will optimize the development of power supply structure, that is, priority to develop renewable energy and new energy such as hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power, biomass power generation, etc. Optimize structure, save resources, pay attention to environmental protection, and improve the level of technology and economy."
  In the coming period, renewable and new energy power generation equipment will usher in good development opportunities, and the proportion of China's total power generation capacity will gradually increase.
  During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China will have a number of large and medium-sized pumped storage power stations to be built. On the basis of digesting imported technologies, it is necessary to gradually establish a design and manufacturing technology system for large and medium-sized pumped storage units in China. The pumped-storage generator set has a good market demand and will promote the industrial restructuring of China's power generation equipment. In order to better utilize the hydraulic resources and meet the operational requirements of the power grid peak valley, China has gradually realized independent production after purchasing products from abroad to introduce technology. In particular, the combination of independent innovation and the adoption of international standards has greatly improved the manufacturing capacity of power generation equipment.
  Have a standard owned market
  At the same time, some people in the industry have suggested that although China's power generation equipment has made great progress, there is still a certain gap in technology compared with the international advanced level. There are still some gaps in product varieties, which cannot fully meet market demand. Such as large pumped storage units, important key parts of the unit, supply of supporting parts, etc. In particular, there are no special standards for international and domestic power generation-motor products. Many new technologies and new scientific research achievements, as well as the emergence of new products, urgently need to develop corresponding inspection standards.
  In recent years, the establishment and improvement of the standard system of the large motor industry has promoted the overall level of China's large motor (generator) standards to meet international standards, some indicators are higher than the international standard level, and have certain advanced, scientific and applicability. Basically achieved the main objectives required by the "Planning".
  However, the development of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor product standards is not enough, especially the supporting standards for China's large-scale inverter motor products are still blank. The technology introduction, technology transfer, cooperative manufacturing and digestion and absorption of large generators and motors still stay at a low level; the service standards in the standard system cannot meet the demand, and the effective contract is guaranteed to be delivered, the product is packaged, stored and transported. There are few requirements involved in installation and commissioning, spare parts, repairs, and troubleshooting. As a result, the added value of the products is greatly reduced or the production cost is increased. And bring serious economic resistance to the development of the industry.
  According to reports, in order to meet the needs of large-scale power generation equipment development, the generator professional standard committee for GB/T7064 "turbine synchronous motor technical requirements" and GB/T7409.3 "synchronous motor excitation system large and medium synchronous motor excitation system technical requirements After the release of the corresponding new IEC version, combined with the current unit operation, two standard revisions were organized. This is to meet the standard development of large-scale gas turbine generators, thermal power super-supercritical generators, nuclear generators, and the standard requirements for these types of generators and large-capacity hydropower units, large-scale pumped-storage hydropower units, and other auxiliary equipment. Improve and stabilize product quality to provide assurance, adding to the market competition.
  In addition, China's Rotary Motors Standards Committee Generator Sub-standards Committee based on the operating experience of purchasing units from Austria, Japan, Germany and other countries, design and manufacturing technology introduced from France ALSTOM company, with reference to foreign relevant standards and collected foreign advanced enterprises The product samples, technical materials and tenders, etc., organized the national standard of "generator-motor basic technical conditions", which was reported not long ago. The standard includes special requirements for the conversion between power generation and electric motor between power generation and electric operation. It has made scientific basis for the design, manufacture, test and inspection, installation and operation, and bidding and bidding of pumped storage units in China. Promote the healthy development of the industry.
  In order to promote the technological progress of the industry, the National Rotating Electric Motors Standards Committee Generator Branch also organized the “National Equipment Manufacturing Industry 2005-2007 Standardization Development Plan” to organize the completion of “Power Generation-Motor Basic Technical Conditions” and “Generator Core Quality Discrimination”. Standard--Guidelines for Stator Core Assembly Magnetization Test", "Measurement Methods and Evaluation Guidelines for Stator Bars and Partial Discharge of Rotating Electric Machines", the development of three national standards, and "Technical Requirements for Turbine Synchronous Motors", "Synchronous Motors" Excitation system technical requirements for large and medium-sized synchronous motor excitation system" revision of two national standards.