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The marketing concept of generator sets

The marketing concept of generator sets

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  This article comes from the "one to many" network
  The marketing concept is the guiding ideology and code of conduct on which the company engages in business activities. It is a kind of marketing marketing activity, and it is a product of certain social and economic development. Corporate marketing concepts have a history of seven or eighty years in Western countries. We can see that many well-known multinational companies have their own marketing concepts, which can be said to be a secret to their success. Corporate marketing concepts are also valued and applied by more and more domestic companies in China, and what should generator companies do in this regard?
  First, the marketing concept
  The competition of generator sets is concentrated in the competition of product quality, price competition and after-sales service competition. However, the most important thing is the competition of price and service. To develop the generator set market, companies must first establish a marketing policy that is based on customer demand and a price service system and product service system.
  First of all, we must understand that the main social responsibility of enterprises is that enterprises contribute to the improvement of social life and the creation of welfare through their own business. In this process, enterprises generate appropriate profits, which is the basic mission of the enterprise. This is the way in which enterprises pursue the unification of economic and social benefits. The core of business management is to implement the principle of social dominance in all production and sales activities. The concept of social interests is mainly reflected in the enterprise's focus on national interests, employee interests, customer interests and corporate interests.
  The concept of market control is that the highest business goal of a company is to control the market, not to pursue the highest profit. The market determines profits, and controlling the market is to control profits. In order to effectively control the market, companies first focus on market research, followed by market promotion. In marketing, promotion is the most difficult, fierce and long-term "economic war", and it needs to adopt advertising, public relations, exhibitions and other means to win all kinds of consumers. The marketing methods of generator companies can also be inspired.
  Modern market competition is design competition. In order to compete for the market with quality and service, generator companies must first work hard on design. The most fundamental quality of the generator is the level of design. From the design of the hand to grasp the quality, so that the generator set from the beginning of the drawing is at a higher starting point. It can quickly and firmly occupy the market with clever ideas, novel materials, advanced craftsmanship and unique appearance. In the fiercely competitive market, the most important thing is how to adapt to the changes in user needs flexibly and versatilely, with "customer first" as the highest guiding principle of business management, and go all out to improve service quality.
  Second, flexible marketing strategy
  We have a marketing concept and a flexible marketing strategy, focusing on the following points in the marketing process:
  1. The user's first strategy is also reflected in the internal marketing of the company in the marketing process, establishing the concept that “the next process is the customer”, that is, the quality management of the enterprise is not limited to the production process, but involves the design and trial production of the product. Production, sales, consumption and other aspects.
  2. Market research strategy, market research includes product positioning of products, comprehensive survey of product sales areas and regional markets. Since modern society is a society of information, enterprises should pay attention to collecting information and extend the vast information network to all corners of the world, so that the products of the company are already in a leading position when they have not yet gone offline.
  3. detailed service content, set up a general distribution representative office and office in each place, equipped with advanced communication equipment and convenient after-sales service car, using modern computer network to manage the whole process of marketing services, this is the must for generators Indispensable; use a full-time engineer to be responsible for a series of pre-sale, sale, and after-sales services such as tour, repair, inspection, commissioning and installation; calculate the required equipment capacity for users, and prepare preliminary comparative cost assessment; plan, plan, design Generator room layout and generator set installation base diagram, precise calculation of budget, provide final estimation; on-site technical installation guidance and responsible for commissioning, adjustment, piping and wiring work, provide guidance and explanation for generator operation; send technical service at any time Personnel are regularly inspected, examine the use of the unit, evaluate the quality of the unit, propose maintenance instructions, provide free training for operators, and provide original accessories.
  Third, the conclusion
  In today's fierce competition in the generator set market, in the marketing management, generator companies should not only pay attention to product quality and after-sales service, but also pay attention to generator group sales price analysis, cost analysis, determine reasonable market prices, and enhance market competitiveness. To promote the development of the enterprise and the progress of society.