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Product Solution


Product Solutions Introduction

Three Product Lines

We offer one-stop systematic solutions for clients ranging from technical consultation, insulation and composite materials, equipment manufacturing, product test and after-sale service

Insulation Material


Our products are made of premium raw materials and widely used in home appliances, automobiles, power transmission and construction industries, as well as other applications that require high-temperature insulation.

✔ Mica paper                     ✔ Mica plate               

✔ Mica tape                        ✔ Mica tube
✔ Mica structural parts     ✔ Battery thermal protection

Electrical Insulation Material

We provide insulation solutions for power generation equipment, medium and high voltage transmission and distribution equipment. Our products are widely used in hydroelectric generators, thermal power generators, medium and high voltage switches, casings, transformers, industrial motors, etc.

✔ Dry-type transformer casting resin               

✔ Color paste 

✔ Resin system for instrument transformer     

✔ Demoulding agent

✔ Room-temperature curing system             

✔ Casting resin for dry-type bushing

✔ Resin for medium-voltage switch              

✔ Thermal conductive resin for motor

✔ Ridgway wrapping equipment                   

✔ Insulation structural parts

Composite Material


We introduce world-leading technologies from Germany and Canada and apply low-cost design and customized manufacturing solution to offer a perfect solution and multiple upgrade services for the manufacturing of wind turbine blades.

✔ Infusion resin                 ✔ Epoxy structural adhesive

✔ Hand lay up resin           ✔ Resin for mold

✔ Carbon cloth                   ✔ Balsa wood

✔ Virtek laser projector     ✔ DEKUMED mixer